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Very Professional

Love the look!

certificate order

I have been ordering medals, ribbons, and certificates from your company for a few years now...This last time I was appalled when I began to fill in my certificates and at least 6 of them were sliced/cut at the bottom of each certificate. Apparently they had been somehow cut when being taken from the printer. All of them were sliced at the same spot. I needed them at that moment, hence I had to make up new ones that were not the same for my students. I can send them back for a refund, but postage would almost be the price I paid for them. Very dissatisfied with your inspection methods after packaging order.

Template Problems

I love the look of the Photo Image Certificates but had major problems with the templates to print them. There was a "7000" series template that did not work with all of the "7000" series certificates. If you matched up some of the certifiate they did not match where the text was to be be written. Once I adjusted a template on one certificated it did not work for all certificated in the series. One certificate in particular could not even be adjusts to fit at all. This caused me to spoiled a large group of certificates. Once I contacted the company, they were very helpful and had a new templated made for the problem certificates and they replaced the spoiled batch. This process was very time consuming at a time in our school year where we did not have the time to spare.

Photo Image

The certificates are very nice and the online templates have saved my staff a great deal of time during the printing process. However, the photo certificate for Social Studies that we received does not line up properly so it would not work with the template for the 7000 series certificates. We actually had to use another certificate for that category because of this.


The certificates were wonderful and just what I was expecting.

Photo image certificates

The certificates had a nice image and the quality was satisfactory for the price paid. However they were packed in the box in such a way that all 60 certificates arrived bent at the top. I did not have time to return them as I needed them that week for our recital. We had to give them out like that. It was disappointing. I believe the damage was from the crumpled packing paper.

faded Red ink...

Last year, the Academic Excellence certificates I ordered were beautiful with a brilliant red ink at the top - this year the ink looks a faded red/brown... disappointed.

Certificate of Attendance

The paper quality is average at best. It is very thin and easily torn.


Good quality


I love how fast the delivery is.

Honor Roll Certificate

The certificates our school received have been very nice and exactly what we needed. Our school gives out a Student of the Week certificate which I have to create. I would love to see an economical certificate for Student of the Week.


The award certificates were very good quality. They are very professional looking but also just right for an elementary student. These certificates will be something parents will want to keep for a long time. It was also a pleasure ordering through Jones. The staff were helpful and I recieved the certificates exactly when they said I would.

Great certificate!

This is a very nice and easy to use certificate. It is fairly easy to work out a template on the computer to fill in the blanks and easy to match the font (Monotype Corsiva). We've been using this certificate the past several years to award our student council members. It isn't real thick paper, but a very good value for the price.

photo image certificates

very quick delivery!


These certificates are beautiful. An excellent product.

Photo image

EXCELLENT QUALITY! Beautiful image, very professional at an affordable price. I have been already recommending your company to others at the middle school.

Photo Image Certificates

These certificates have very vivid colors. The price is the best around. They do not look cheap. I was very impressed and continue to order them each year.

"Honorable Mention" Certificates

Great price, service/delivery. Easy to run thru printer.




Your awards are easy to order on-line and arrive in a timely manner.

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  • I work with Jones School Supply every year to order certificates for our end of year program. They are always courteous and professional. I never have a problem with my order. I will continue to use Jones for my end-of-school-year needs.


  • I love using Jones School Supply Company - it is the most proficient company, easy to get in contact with and customer service is astounding!

    Debra Roach

  • Wonderful company, I have been satisfied for seven straight years. Needed medals in less than a week last year and they came through in 3 days!

    Terry Buringrud

  • Your company is the most efficient and reasonably priced company I have used. You make ordering easy and the turn around time from the time I order my awards until the time I receive them is amazing! Thank you!

    Sandy Burroughs

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