Our guarantee is very simple and unconditional. If you are not completely satisfied with everything you receive, send it back at anytime, and we'll refund your money or cancel your invoice. Simple as that!


You may cancel and return your order at any time.


Return Instructions:


1.  If you just placed an order call 1-800-845-1807 immediately to see if the order can be cancelled before shipment.  If order has not shipped we can cancel the order and payment without any further action. Most stock orders ship same day if order is placed before 3pm EST.


2.  If your order has already shipped, items will need to be returned. Orders with valid email addresses will be sent shipping confirmation.


3.  To initiate the return of items mistakenly ordered - mark the items to be returned on the invoice enclosed with the shipment. Please provide reason for return.  Securely package items and ship back to the address provided below.  Postage not paid by Jones School Supply.

         Return to:  Jones School Supply  • 1020 Idlewild Blvd, Suite G  •  Columbia, SC 29201


4.   If items are defective or damaged please call us at 1-800-845-1807.  We will issue a prepaid UPS label for the return of items or issue a call tag to have items picked up. If a label is provided items can be left with any authorized UPS agent or in a UPS drop box.  If a call tag is issued items will be picked up by UPS. The customer service representative issuing the return will advise you of this process.


5.  For all other return reasons please call us at 1-800-845-1807 and we will initiate a return process.


6.  We will refund your purchase, send replacement items, or cancel your invoice when items are received at our facility. Refunds are issued within 14 days of receipt of return.  


It is very important to us that you are completely satisfied with your purchase.


Please do not hesitate to contact us.

phone 1-800-845-1807 | fax 1-800-942-5421

local phone 803-407-4938 | local fax 803-749-1179 


Return items should be shipped to:

1020 Idlewild Blvd, Suite G Columbia, SC 29201

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  • I work with Jones School Supply every year to order certificates for our end of year program. They are always courteous and professional. I never have a problem with my order. I will continue to use Jones for my end-of-school-year needs.


  • I love using Jones School Supply Company - it is the most proficient company, easy to get in contact with and customer service is astounding!

    Debra Roach

  • Wonderful company, I have been satisfied for seven straight years. Needed medals in less than a week last year and they came through in 3 days!

    Terry Buringrud

  • Your company is the most efficient and reasonably priced company I have used. You make ordering easy and the turn around time from the time I order my awards until the time I receive them is amazing! Thank you!

    Sandy Burroughs

PO Box 100197
Columbia, SC 29202

PHONE: 1-800-845-1807

FAX: 1-800-942-5421

Our Guarantee is very simple and unconditional.

If you are not completely satisfied with everything that you receive, send it back, and we'll refund your money or cancel your invoice. Simple as that.

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